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Gender symbols


Sexual orientation is used to define who we are emotionally and sexually attracted to, for example:

  • Same sex attraction (women who have sex with women/men who have sex with men)
  • Opposite sex attraction (heterosexuals)
  • Same and opposite sex attraction (bisexuals).

Everyone is different and the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Some people confuse sexual orientation with sexuality. Sexuality is much wider and is more part of your personality which tends to encompass your sexual preferences, interests, emotions, values, culture and how you feel about yourself as a sexual being. This can change over time or stay the same right throughout your life.

It is natural to experiment with your sexuality to explore over time the type of sex that you feel comfortable with, the relationships that you enjoy and the partner that you are sharing your sex life with. The diagram below shows the various factors that can influence our sexuality, and just how complicated it can be.

Gender symbols