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IUD/IUS (Coil)

Please read the advice below if you would like to have an IUD/IUS fitted:

We strongly recommend that you watch this short film, as it gives you all the information you need about intra-uterine methods.


Preparation Checklist


This form​​ will help you decide if you are ready to have the IUD/IUS fitted. Please print and complete it and bring it with you when you come to Chalmers Sexual Health Centre.

Where do you go to have the IUD/IUS fitted?


Your GP

You may be able to attend your GP if he or she provides this service. Click LOTHIAN IUD FITTERS 2014.xlsLOTHIAN IUD FITTERS 2014.xls​ to see the GP surgeries who currently offer this service.

Chalmers Sexual Health Centre

You can come to Chalmers (morning 'walk in' or a general afternoon/evening clinic appointment). Before we fit the device we need to be sure that you are suitable to have an IUD/IUS and that you have all the information that you need about the method. If you are suitable, we will always try to insert the IUD/IUS at the time of your first appointment at Chalmers. This will depend on whether trained staff are available and how busy the clinic is that day.

If we cannot fit the IUD/IUS that day we will arrange a booked IUD clinic appointment as quickly as possible for you at Chalmers or at one of our peripheral clinics, if this is more convenient for where you live.

Local Sexual Health Clinics

Instead of coming to Chalmers Sexual Health Centre, you can come to a booked appontment at one of our local clinics​ if this is more convenient for where you live. It is unlikely you will get your IUD/IUS fitted the same day but we will arrange for you to have this done as soon as possible.
​​​​IUD and IUS self assessment.DOC​